So as you might have all noticed, we moved to a new world because the old one was buggy.
However with that came some more add-ons that you might not have seen yet.

- Changed to the new world type

- Added custom dungeons to the world
- Added a new shop building
- Added Redstone and Lapis to the shop
- Added a custom enchants command /ce

- Fixed some small text related buggs

We are back!

Specus-Region a posted Sep 27, 16

The day of maintenance is over and we moved entirely to a new world.

The reason for this for those wondering is that this new world has many things the old one did not have.

We will still have custom biomes, however, mixed with the original biomes, with that also comes custom dungeons, vanilla dungeons, mobs spawning like normal, a new nether with biomes and the end will be unlocked.

Because a few people already build a town in the old world you can contact any of the staff members and they will move your house for you to a location you can pick in the new world, with this you will get the money back you put into your town.

Sorry about the long wait and this sudden change, but i can promise it is for the best in the long run!


herieman a posted Sep 27, 16

Hello everyone,

So you might have noticed that currently the server is in Maintenance mode.

This means that we are currently working on fixing some major buggs in the server and will be back soon.

What we are currently doing is this:

- Fixing the mobs and animals barely spawning

- Possibly adding a new world generator to massively reduce lagg

- Testing this new world generator to see if it fits the server

Because of the new generator we might be using, yes, if you have build a house in the old world or gained items from it they will be transfered if we decide to move to this new world.

However, it is not 100% sure we will actually move to this new world generator.

I wish you all an amazing day and we will see you all soon back online!

Hello everyone, this is the first Update News post for Miner Region.

These are the updates done the past 2 days:

- Added /help command which will open a menu where you can find information about how to earn money, towns, nations and some important links (will be added on and changed when needed)
- Added /warp command which will open a menu that you can use to teleport around the server
- Added Announcer plugin
- Added Custom enchantments plugin (Obtainable from normal enchantment tables)

- Placed beacons in spawn for extra speed and healing at spawn
- Placed a max level enchantment table at spawn (might be removed or changed at a later stage)

- Fixed the starter kit
- Fixed some permissions that where not completely set up correctly

- Removed Wild Hunt plugin as it was filled with buggs and barely used


Specus-Region a posted Aug 26, 16

Welcome to Miner Region!

We are brand new Towny and economy server.
Towny enables you to claim a part of the world and create your own town.
In this town you can invite your friends, meet new people and build an empire together!

Towns will be able to work together using nations, growing even more and with even more options.
For example, as a nation you can wage war against other nations or ally them and trade with them ofcourse.

In this server we really listen to our community, if you see something that should be improved or want something to be added, let us know and we will have a look at it.

Besides the chance to build you own town and make a lot of friends, we also have a hunting plugin with over 100 different animals.
When killing a mob in the world they will drop a head item with the name, rarity, height and weight of that mob you captured.
We have multiple raritys like Common, Rare and Legendary mobs.
After capturing one of the mobs you can display it on your wall in an item frame displaying its weight, height, name and rarity when looking at it.
You can also craft the captured mobs into useable items like meat or bones.
Currently these mobs work with WildHunt: Chicken, Cow, Pig, Sheep, Creeper, Wolf, Ocelot, Rabbit.

Besides this there are also special fishes to catch in the server to make fishing a little more interesting.

We will officially release on the 24th of September, see ya all online soon ;)